International Students at UMHB

Can International Students Work While Enrolled at UMHB?

I am in my first semester of enrollment:  No, you are not authorized to work.  It doesn’t matter if you are undergraduate or graduate.  No first semester students may work.

I am in ESL classes:  No, you are not authorized to work.

I am registered for the next semester of classes AND I have a grade point average above 2.5 AND I am finished with ESL classes:   MAYBE!  At the end of each semester, all students will receive an email from International Student Services asking if they would like to enter a drawing for campus job eligibility.  If you have successfully completed your classes and registered for the next semester, you can enter the drawing.

Every student’s name will go into the drawing.  20% of our international students will be RANDOMLY picked.  There is no way to get a better chance; this drawing is pure luck.  The students who are picked will be notified and they can apply for any campus job that is open.  There are no “international” jobs.  There are only all-campus jobs.  You must interview with a supervisor and get the job.  There may be many students trying to get the same popular job, so be sure to apply for several positions as your schedule allows.

I am a Graduate Student in MSIS or MBA and I have completed two full semesters of classes:  Probably!  Both the MSIS and MBA programs include the opportunity for an internship or practicum experience.  If you are able to locate an off-campus job that meets the requirements of the internship/practicum, our office will authorize you for Curricular Practical Training which allows an off-campus job.  Please note that you must meet two requirements:

  1. Your academic advisor must write a letter with details of the job and how they meet the internship/practicum requirements.
  2. You must be enrolled in the internship or practicum class at the time of work.

I am a Nursing Major in my junior year:  Probably!  UMHB is affiliated with Scott and White Memorial Hospital.  At the time of your junior year, you should be enrolled in clinical classes.  At this time, Scott and White often hires our students for part-time work and extra training.  This qualifies for Curricular Practical Training.  Please see the International Student Services office to discuss your opportunities, and we will be happy to help you!