International Students at UMHB

Degree Costs for International Students

Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree estimates

Each degree has different requirements, but in general, most undergraduate degrees will have approximately 125 credit hours required.  They usually take about 4 years to complete if a student also takes summer classes. You may see individual degree plans (

Individual Class Cost

Each class is usually 3 credit hours.  Science classes with a lab are 4 credit hours.

  • One class of 3 credits = $2340 (tuition) + $225 (fees) = $2565
  • One class of 4 credits = $3120 (tuition) + $300 (fees) = $3420

Undergraduate international students must register for at least 12 credit hours each semester.  You may choose more hours, but you cannot choose less than 12 credit hours.  This is a United States government requirement for anyone with an F1 Student Visa.

  • 12 credit hours tuition + fees = $9360 (tuition) + $900 (fees) = $10260

English as Second Language Classes

Students who do not submit an English language proficiency test score ( are required to take an English language test upon arrival before registering for any classes.  The English language program director will make all final decisions regarding English as Second Language class requirements.  Students may be required to take one, two, three, or four classes depending on their UMHB test scores.

English as Second Language classes are offered at a 50% tuition discount.  One class is 3 credit hours.

  • One ESL class tuition + fees = $1170 (tuition) + $225 (fees) = $1395

The estimated cost for one semester’s full-time ESL tuition/fees = $5580

All Expenses for One Full Year (fall + spring semester)

  • 12 credit hours tuition + fees = $9360(tuition) + $900 (fees) = $10260
  • One semester’s living expenses on campus = $3375
  • One semester’s book fees are approximately $1000
  • One semester’s total expenses = $14635

The estimated cost for one full year’s total expenses = $29270.

Costs may change from semester to semester.