International Students at UMHB

How do I change my schedule?

Any questions about your classes or schedule should go to your Academic Advisor.  Your advisor knows your degree plan and will help you make the best choices.  Your advisor may change if you change your major.

Important Points to Remember when talking to your advisor

  • You are required to maintain FULL-TIME enrollment.  Undergraduate students must take 12 credit hours, and Graduate students must take 8-9 credit hours depending on the program.
  • There are fees to add and drop classes!  It is only free for the first three days of the semester, so make your choices carefully.
  • If you drop a class in the middle of the semester, you will not get your money back!  There are specific dates associated with refunds.
  • If you are making an F in a class and you drop the class, that grade will show up on your transcript and make your grade point average lower.  The only way to change that F grade is to take the class again and make a different grade.