International Students at UMHB

I have been accepted!

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor!

We will be happy to issue your I-20 document as soon as you have uploaded all required documents to the website.  After acceptance, you must submit the following:

  • A copy of your passport id page
  • A letter of financial support from whomever will pay for your tuition and fees
  • A bank statement showing that the person paying has enough money to cover at least one year of educational expenses

If you have already submitted these items, we are ready to go!  You should receive your I-20 and acceptance packet soon. 

When you receive your I-20 and Acceptance packet

  1. Please review your letter of acceptance and I-20.  Check the spelling of your name and your birthdate.  We hope they are correct, but if there is a mistake, please let us know immediately.
  2. Graduate students – Review the transcript evaluation requirement carefully.  This is mandatory.
  3. Schedule your visa interview immediately!  If you wait, you may not be able to get an appointment in time to arrive for the first day of classes.  We do NOT offer any extensions, so your timing is important.               
    1. US embassies:
    2. Visa application form:
    3. SEVIS fee:

Prepare for your Visa Interview

  1. Take the required documents:  Passport, I-20, letter of acceptance, original financial documents and letter of support, completed visa application, receipt for the SEVIS fee.
  2. Prepare to answer questions such as “Why did you choose the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor?”  Answer honestly!  If your friend recommended the university, that is a great answer.  If you like a small school, that is a great answer. 
  3. Have a look at your program information on the UMHB website:  This may help you answer questions.  Do not memorize facts!  The visa officers want to know your thoughts; they do not want to hear the same facts from every applicant.

I Did Not Get a Visa

We understand that this is a big disappointment.  You are welcome to try again for the next semester.  Please contact International Student Services to request a deferral for the next semester.  You may defer one time and use all of the documents that are already on file in our office.  You must request a deferral within two months of your visa denial.  After that, your I-20 will automatically cancel in the SEVIS database, and we cannot defer attendance for a cancelled I-20.

If you are denied a visa again, you will need to start the application process again.  Your documents will be out-of-date.  Also, admission requirements change occasionally, and you will be processed based on the most recent admissions requirements.  Acceptance for deferred applications is not automatic.  You must submit documentation again.